Steel Fabrication

AI Industries is AISC & CISC certified for Steel Building Structures.  Its fabrication shop can produce over 10,000 man-hours per month. The fabrication facility is as follows:

Steel Fabrication

The approximate 85,000 square feet of the Raw Material Storage Area is serviced by two 7.5-ton hoists located on an Overhead Crane. The Saw and Drill Shacks are equipped with a Vertical Band Saw with a Head Tilt to all for bevel cuts, a 40 inch Horizontal Band Saw, a High Speed Drill Line and an Iron Worker.


AI Industries has over 30,000 square feet of fabrication area separated into 3 bays referred to as East Bay, West Bay and New Bay.


East Bay

The East Bay is primarily used for larger structural steel and truss fabrication. All structural steel enters the shop through this bay either via trolley or through the company’s Copeing Machine.



Fabrication Bays

The West Bay is home to the Plate Processing machine and fabrication stations that focus primarily on lighter steel and steel stairs. Two overhead cranes and numerous gantry cranes are installed in each of these two bays.



New Bay

The New Bay is home to all handrail fabrication. This bay has one 5-ton overhead crane.


Paint Aisle

The 5,500 square foot Paint Aisle is where all power tool cleaning and shop priming is done. This Aisle has 2 overhead 7.5-ton cranes.


Finished Goods

With over 30,000 square feet of storage area, there is ample room to sort material and load multiple trucks simultaneously. All trucks are loaded by forklift.