Steel Processing

Steel Processing

Allow AI Industries to act as your complete steel processing center using all of the latest Peddinghaus CNC equipment. We can drill, cope and camber your beams and supply you with all your plates cut, with drilled holes, and ready for assembly.



Our Peddinghaus PCD100/3C Drill Line with DG 1100 Miter Band Saw will drill and saw beams up to 40″ wide – at fractions of the cost of manual layout drilling.



Our Peddinghaus ABCM 1250 Coper is an automated structural burning system that will process beams up to 50″ wide with pinpoint accuracy. It easily addresses typical burning processes such as flange bevels, copes, blocks, flange thinning & cut-off, as well as more challenging processes such as haunches, coumpound miters, castellations and beam splitting.



Our Peddinghaus BC-900 will provide you with an accurate camber for all beams up to 36″ wide. No need to reheat or rework any cambered beam.


Plate Processing

Our Peddinghaus FDB-2500 will process plates with thicknesses varying from 1/4″ to 3″, widths of up to 96″ and lengths of up to 20′. Plate shape and hole accuracy is guaranteed, with an Oxy/Fuel torch delivering CNC precision, and a powerful Plasma unit delivering accurate contoured cuts.




Our Peddinghaus PW1250 “Peddiwriter” plasma scribe machine can accurately scribe layout on all surfaces of a part up to 40” inches wide and 80’ feet long,  substantially increasing our capacity.



Our 643Q Anglemaster quickly and accurately punches, scribes and shears to length flatbar and angles with up to a 6″ width.  The anglemaster’s speed and accuracy can easily generate angle and flatbar parts by the pallet-full.